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Building Stones – why should we be interested in Urban Geology?

Urban Geology is the geology of the built environment. This includes the building stones and other materials used in town and cities as well as the tantalising glimpses of the pre-urban landscape and underlying bedrock. Cities are shunned by many … Continue reading

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Jeremiah in Slate Valley: Taconic Slate

Continued from the previous post … A contributor to the decline of the North Welsh Slate quarries was the discovery and beginnings of industrial scale slate quarrying in the USA. Slate was discovered in Vermont and New York state in … Continue reading

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Lives in Slate Quarry Landscapes: Acadian Slate

A branch of my family comes from the village of Ysbyty Ifan in North Wales. It is strange how one can piece together a person’s life story from brief facts and statements contained in documents such as birth certificates and … Continue reading

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